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For my undergraduate my thesis was titled ' The presence of absence in Art: Strategies of Negation originating from 1960 to present day.'

This was a seminal time for conceptual art and the artists working in the late 60’s and early 70’s immeasurably influenced  our current perception of art. During this period artists re-evaluated what it meant to create art, all aspects of their practice and its institution were critically assessed through their aesthetic and conceptually based responses of their art.


It was a period of change that saw the emergence of Arte Povera, Land art and Conceptual art. These schools of thinking and their influence on each other led to an artistic freedom to use and create art with any material and through any method. This originality employed, for the most part, various strategies of negation to develop its aesthetic language. In my opinion these devices are still being employed by contemporary artists today. 

The image is of one of the significant exhibitions of the period: When Attitudes Become Form.


Dissertation Research Project: 

The purpose of my research project  is to explore the extent to which celebrating mistakes and applying a growth mindset approach to drawing ability can impact self-efficacy in art students. The study aimed to secure a deeper understanding of the children’s perspectives and experiences before, during and after the implementation of the unit of learning. (Map of Days Grayson Perry)

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