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Collaborative Drawing

Each group will spent 20 minutes drawing together before moving on to the next of the four drawing stations

Collaborative Drawing

The Four Drawing Stations:

Station 1 - Students were asked to draw a horizontal line. Continue by drawing a line underneath. Where it curves mirror the curve, where it breaks, exaggerate the break. Drawing Materials: Black Markers of various thickness.

Station 2 - Students were asked to draw curved lines. Respond to each other’s marks. Use brushes to spread the charcoal. Drawing Materials: Charcoal and dry paint brushes.

Station 3- Make a mark. Respond to each other’s marks. Drawing Materials: Black Markers, various templates of primary shapes and masking tape.

Station Four = One at a time, each student gave an instruction to the group to create a drawing. Drawing Materials: Coloured Sharpies and Coloured Paint Sticks.

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